Parts Money Soap

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This special novelty soap "Parts Money Soap" is a gentle hand and body soap you can use with REAL Cash / US Currency hidden inside each and every bar!

Parts Money Soap is the perfect unique Decorative soap, Holiday Stocking Stuffer, or White Elephant gift for any Lowrider or Hot Rodder, young and old!
The amount in each bar is a MYSTERY and the recipient will have no idea how much money is hidden under the label.  No need to pay to play, just use the soap to get to the CASH!

This gift is perfect for parties, raffles, door prizes, or to get your loved ones to wash up!!

Each bar of soap guaranteed to have a CASH DENOMINATION in one of the following amounts $1, $5, $10, $20, or $50. Every bar is a winner!



Made in the USA.



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